Welcome to Supporting Ugandan Education

Thank you for your interest.

S.U.E. is a small local charity founded in 2012 to support education in Nebbi Catholic Diocese, Uganda. It was founded by Maddie Read to support a project at St. Gregory the Great parish, Cheltenham, for school fees for needy students at Angal School, Nebbi.  The project grew to do capital projects and support other schools. After Maddie died of cancer in 2017, family and friends carried on.  In 2020, with schools closed due to the covid pandemic, the trustees added humanitarian aid to the charity objectives and helped people in the villages suffering from shortages of food and other necessities. Since then, aid has often been needed due to droughts, floods, supply chain disruptions and the consequent price rises. We have continued to fund school fees and capital projects.

In 2024, we would like to do a capital project, continue to pay school fees and continue to supply humanitarian aid, if it is necessary. It seems likely we will need grants from other charities, because we hope to help build classrooms.

If you would like to help, take a look at our Appeals or School Fees pages.

Supporting Ugandan Education is registered with the Charity Commission,   Charity Number: 1178287.

On their site, you can view annual Financial Reports and Trustees reports.