Solar Lighting Appeal

Solar Lighting for St. Thomas Aquinas School, Akanyo

Supporting Ugandan Education funds schooling for students in Nebbi, Northern Uganda. Last year, when schools were closed we sent aid for food and other necessities for the people in the villages hard hit by the lockdown.

The highest priority project for this year is the one not done last year because of Covid 19.

St. Thomas Aquinas school is a mixed secondary boarding school of up to 350 students, going up to ‘O’ level following a curriculum based on the English system.  After the lockdown, year groups have been returning slowly. First, the final year of 46 in January . Then the year before of 59 in March. Next on the 12th April, senior one class report, and they are 95. The senior two report last on the 31st May and they are 85.

Having lighting enables students to study at night. At present the students use simple torches, and, those who can’t afford them, use the poor man’s lamp made out of empty insecticide tin and powered with a mixture of diesel and paraffin, the smoke from which, often inhaled, is a potential danger to the throat and lungs.

In addition, the solar power system is an aid for teaching physics students about electricity. The power can be used for charging mobile devices for education and to provide additional income for the school. The exterior lighting improves security. When converted to mains, the power can be used for running computers, printers, TV screens, DVD players,……Once there is a stable, reliable power source, the school will run computer lessons too.

The lighting system will require 30 solar panels and batteries, 8 controllers and two inverters with 30 switches and 70 bulbs of various types. The total cost would be about £7000. We have about £2000 saved up, so we need to raise about £5000.

Any contribution you can make is much appreciated. To donate, go to our Donate page.

If you can’t have solar panels where you live, why not help someone else to have them.

We also welcome regular contributions to pay the school fees for secondary pupils at a boarding school.