COVID Appeal 2020

“Rest assured what you have done has done a lot to keep our people alive”. Fr. Denis, Trustee

Supporting Ugandan Education funds schooling for students in Nebbi, northern Uganda. But this year is different – just after heavy rains in the spring destroyed crops, the coronavirus lockdown hit. Schools have been closed, as have markets, and water sources have dried up in places. The local population is hungry and children who normally eat at school can’t do so. They are also short of clothes as they grow through this rainy season.


If we raise £2,000 we can help at least 200 people with food to last them several weeks, and clothing for the children.

Your contributions to this are much appreciated. To donate, go to our Donate page.


Update August : We sent £2000 of donations which has been used to help families in Nebbi, but we raised our target, to £4000, in order to send another instalment of the same amount, as the situation hasn’t improved, and the community needs further support.

Update November: We sent £1500 and also, with donors permission, gave donations that were earmarked for school fees but not  used, for aid. Flooded roads have made the situation worse, so again need to raise our target, to £6000.


We also welcome regular contributions – £15 a month pays the school fees for one secondary pupil at a boarding school. Please email to find out more.