History Old

Supporting Ugandan Education was founded in 2012 initially to support needy students at Angal School, Angal, Uganda and to fund capital works for the school. School fees were about £150 per year per student because it is a boarding school. We asked people to donate £15 per month to support a student, giving a bit extra. Since then, the number of students supported has been as high as 72.

Our first capital project in 2013 was to complete a security wall and gate for Angal school, giving students and staff not only security but also protection from the wild animals.

It was then decided to expand the charity’s area of operation to include a girls primary school in the area. So in 2015, we raised funds for solar lighting for Pakwach Girls Primary school which we did after consulting the charity Lights for Learning. This gave pupils the opportunity for studying after dark and provided a source of income from phone charging.

Our third project was a security fence around the Pakwach Girls Primary school completed in 2017.