Note from Fr. Charles and Fr. Denis 15 June 2024

“We here mention that the poor in the rural countryside remain in dire need. It’s unfortunate every year there is something new that hits northern Uganda. This time it’s the closure of Karuma bridge. Bus fares have doubled and transportation has become a challenge as the alternative routes are expensive. Prices of basic commodities have also doubled or even tripled.”

“We receive needy people and requests everyday. Yesterday we had to give some the remnants from the lunch of the students. Some small primary children just stay home, to at least eat what may be there. School is worse without food.”

We have sent humanitarian aid 5 times this year, but more is needed.

To help the people with their struggle, please go to the Donate page.

Note from Fr. Charles and Fr. Denis 18 April 2024

It’s becoming increasingly clear each day that we need aid and need it always. From too hot to too wet now. Roads impassable, homes flooded, newly prepared crop fields washed away. Roofs of some schools blown off, compounds full of water, to the extent children must stay home till the waters subside.

On March 21st, I asked Fr. Charles and Fr, Denis how life is going in Nebbi.
Fr. Denis responded:

“Greetings our friends in the UK. Thanks for checking on us. Temperatures are between 35 and 41, the heat is terrible, vehicle tyres burst daily and with that increased road accidents and thus very high transport charges and terribly high food prices. Kindly, if possible, send us money for aid. We keep hustling but it’s not easy. May God bless you.”

Note from Fr. Charles and Fr. Denis 18 January 2024

Greetings. Truth is, livelihood in Uganda, Northern UGANDA especially where we find ourselves not by immigration by by birth and decent, is so difficult and expensive that the very basics that keep people going are next to impossible to get.

Dry spell, floods, very poor roads, very poor health facilities and services, lack of reliable electricity, very high prices due to distance from KAMPALA and high transport costs, all make life difficult for us.

We thus pray, in the event it is possible for you, we receive aid regularly.


The food situation in Nebbi Diocese has worsened as prices continue to rise and the crops are not planted yet. Fr. Denis reports:

“On crops: There is prolonged draught. The first season crops wilted. There is no planting in the second season, especially here in Pakwach and the rest of West Nile. Some homes are taking one meal in two days. The other times each one fends for himself or herself and one wonders how. I send you here photos of children who came to us for food. The situation is real bad. If ever it’s possible for you to help, we will appreciate.”

We want to send humanitarian aid with the school fees before the end of August. To help the people with their struggle, please go to the Donate page.