School Fees

We pay school fees for secondary students at boarding schools, many of them orphans.  We use regular standing order donations for school fees, so that there is reliable funding for students for the whole academic year. We pay the fees in three instalments for the three terms. We also accept one-off donations towards school fees which we divide between the instalments, so we may save them up for the next school year.

For 2024,  school fees have risen again. We are trying to pay for 60 students at about £100 per term each. A regular donation of £25 per month would cover this, but we don’t have 60 donors. So we need more help.  If you can increase your donation or become a new regular donor of any amount, it would be very helpful.

To increase your regular donation, just increase your Standing Order.

To become a regular donor, please email

For one off donations, please go to the Donate page.

If all of the school fee donations are not required for school fees, we may ask donors if they can be used for a capital project or for humanitarian aid in a crisis. This happened when schools were closed due to the Covid 19 pandemic.